New Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters:

Revlon recently released 4 new Lip Butter colours. I could only get hold of 3 but I thought I’d do a review on them anyway.

Shade: Juicy Papaya

I originally thought that this shade would be exactly the same as Tutti Frutti but I was proven wrong. Juicy Papaya is also very sheer but leaves more if a coral colour on the lips as opposed to an orange. This is a very subtle colour that can be worn anywhere, I might even wear it to school.


Shade: Sorbet

Sorbet is a lovely fuchsia colour that isn’t too bright yet still pigmented. Even though it is on the bright side compared to many of the other shades, in my opinion, it is still very wearable. You can build on it to give off a stronger colour or just leave it with one or two coats for a more sheer look.


Shade: Wild Watermelon

Another red in the Colorburst Lip Butter collection but with more pinkish undertones. I really enjoy wearing this shade because it can be worn as a red or a pink depending on how much product you put on. I do like this colour a lot and know I will be wearing it regularly, especially on more casual days out when I still want my lips to pop.





I am very pleased with these new shades in this line of lip butters. They are all just as good as the original shades I purchased and have the same creamy texture as always. The colour range is fantastic and I can’t wait to try out more.

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